Nesrine Chemli


Nesrine Chemli is a PhD student enrolled in first year in Architecture and Environment, Department of Architecture Design and Urban Planning (DADU) at the University of Sassari, Alghero. She is a tutor of Master’s degree courses in urban and territorial planning and landscape design. She is also a researcher and focuses on the cultures and territories of the Mediterranean, the risk of social and physical desertification, deterritorialization, the process of sustainable urbanization in Sardinia and Tunisia. She has had numerous public engagement activities with the project “Territories and cultures in movement” coordinated by Professor Silvia Serreli, concerning the reception of foreign students.  Among her recent scientific publications: “Rigenerazione ambientale e riscatto della dimensione insediativa”, SIU (2019, with G. Sanna; G M. Biddau; P. Frau) and “Planning and architecture for climate adaptation: the experiences of the “structure-territories” in low and high density city”, AESOP (2019, with S. Serreli; G. Sanna, G M. Biddau; P P. Spanedd).