Marwan Zaher


Marwan Zaher graduated in Local Development from the Università Degli Studi di Padova, Italy. He wrote his thesis on “the Role of SMEs in National Economies in Europe” in which he compared their role in France, Italy, and Serbia. He also drew a concept note on how to develop SMEs in Serbia in order for them to achieve their role. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Urban & Regional Planning at Cairo University, Egypt, which gave him the rudimentary knowledge of different aspects and parameters of urban development. During his undergraduate studies, he perceived the requisite for development, especially urban development and realized the necessity of having more than one dominant sector in a country. This formed the basis of his graduation project entitled “Urban Development at the Range of Suez Canal Axis”. It argued the contribution to decreasing the gap between the study area and the metropolitan area of Cairo, the dominant sector in Egypt.