Imène Diaf


Imène Diaf graduated in Master 2 in Territory Planning and Geography in 2013 at the Mentouri Constantine University 1, Algeria. She then started a doctoral research under the direction of Bouzid Touati, Lecturer and Pierre Pech, Professor at the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. Her research work focuses on the compatibility between tourism development and the safeguarding of protected areas. She works on tourism and the strategy of nature protection in Algeria, more precisely in the Park of El Kala, located towards the Algerian-Tunisian border. This work consists in measuring the impacts of the protection measures, in particular on the flora and specifically on the forest. This study also aims to assess the issues and impacts of the tourism development strategy and its compatibility with nature protection issues. Besides, she is passionate about theatre, travel and reading and created a blog whose goal is to share her research with others passionate about tourism: