Fatma Dammak


Fatma Dammak holds a diploma in Landscape Engineering from the Higher Agronomic Institute of Chott-meriem, Tunisia. Her final project, entitled “Sustainable Development and Landscape: Study of the development of an eco-village”, dealt with the topic of local and sustainable development in rural areas. Currently, she is in Master’s research in the management of natural ecosystems and the valorization of their resources. Her master’s project focuses on the evaluation of the ecotourism potential of peri-urban areas, threatened by urbanization. The aim is to propose sustainable tourism as a regenerative alternative of economic activities. She is also a member of the project committee at ENACTUS INAT working on social entrepreneurship projects. Last year, she followed a training course on the theme “Sustainable tourism” at the University of Bologna. She found this experience rich in knowledge and in cultural and relational exchange. Besides, she has a keen interest for culture and hiking.