Dima El Kaissi


Dima El Kaissi specialized in Environmental Engineering and expanded her studies and expertise in order to save the environment and combat the damage irresponsible agriculture practices is causing. Indeed, after 3 years of general studies in Agriculture Engineering, she discovered that agriculture has the greatest negative impact on the Environment. She is currently a Masters 2 student at the Lebanese University, specializing in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering. Besides her educational background, she was a volunteer at many local and international NGOs such as Greenpeace and WASH program with the Lebanese Red Cross’s DMU. In WASH, she raised environmental awareness and implemented composting in the refugees ITU based in Lebanon. She also tested the efficiency of biodigesters in treating wastewater coming from the refugees and how it could benefit them in agriculture. Her aim is to improve refugees social, economic and environmental conditions in order to reach a more sustainable livelihood.