Hanan Audeh


Hanan Audeh is an MA student in Intercultural Communication and Literature at The Arab American University in Ramallah, Palestine. Her interdisciplinary studies include cultural studies, social theories, language, media, and world literature. Her multicultural background has influenced her passion for learning, teaching, and traveling, which is why she is an English language teacher and the head of the English Language Department at The Arab Evangelical Episcopal School in Ramallah. She is responsible for teaching English language, literature, public speaking, and essay writing, in addition to supervising the department and developing it through holding workshops, and choosing the appropriate curriculum. To enhance her experience, she has participated in several international and national conferences, schools, and workshops like TESOL or the Educational Convention. She worked as a freelance translator and a refugee camp English teacher for three summers with the AMIDEAST, where she had the chance to work with underprivileged children and expose them to a bigger world though education and reading. Her most recent participations were a workshop with Save the Children in 2018 about Positive Education, and an educational training- Pedagogy for the Third Millennium/ Basis of neurodidactics and observation in education with Marco Benini, an Italian trainer in pedagogy, in Birzeit/ Ramallah, in June 2019.