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Let’s give our millenary history the future it deserves


At the root of ‘nnumari there is the idea that cuisine and food have the ability to connect people, promoting the dialogue between traditions, gestures, cultures. On food and cuisine ‘nnumari has decided to base its reflections, highlighting their symbolic shades, the semantic contexts, the interdisciplinary connections and the significance of cultural interchange.

History has a new beginning


Our job will be at the same time to find, recover, arrange and revise all that distinctiveness that makes and has made the difference in our history. We want to put the ecosystem back in the centre, with its extraordinary complexity and generosity, we want to revalorize the work and virtues of man. If you think you have something to say or hand down, tell us.

Write your story to us


From the 2nd to 4th of October 2019, on the South coast of Sicily, double starred chef Pino Cuttaia, creator and promoter of the event, will gather chefs, journalists, economists, fishermen, breeders, farmers, producers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, artists and communicators to reflect upon the sustainability of the Mediterranean, and to build models of social and environmental development, repeatable and shareable.

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